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Daily use can leave your furniture looking drab and grubby, especially if you have kids with sticky fingers in your household. Over time, dust and dirt can cause friction within the upholstery, causing fraying and thinning, and many people replace their furniture because of this damage.

Professional cleaning companies use chemicals that are gentle on upholstery fabric but tough on stains and everyday dirt. A regular professional clean can leave your furniture looking as good as new, reduce wear and tear and make your upholstered pieces last longer.

2. Professionals Use the Best Techniques and Cleaning Solutions

Professional cleaning companies train their staff to treat many different upholstery materials. This means that if you have valuable antique furniture or fragile upholstery, such as silk, you can rest assured that your possessions won’t be damaged during the cleaning process.

Experienced cleaning contractors have access to a wide range of cleaning solutions for different fabrics and stains. You can be sure that these chemicals are all safe to use in your home environment—an important consideration if you have kids or pets.

Your furniture can also be treated with a special protective stain retardant product that seals the fabric, effectively preventing spills from soaking into the fibres.

3. A Cleaning Service Will Dry Your Furniture Properly

Using too much water is a major cause of damage to upholstery and is a common problem in DIY cleans. Excess water will saturate the fabric and the padding underneath it, leading to prolonged drying time. Furniture that is left damp for too long can quickly develop mould and mildew, which will stain and damage the fabric.

Correctly trained cleaners generally use a steam cleaning process that will leave your upholstery completely dry within a couple of hours. If your furniture dries quickly, there’s less chance of damage through colour bleeding or fabric shrinkage. It is also much less likely that mould or mildew will have a chance to develop.

4. Adequate Cleaning Can Banish Nasty Odours

Spilt food can easily disappear into your furniture, encouraging bacterial growth and leading to nasty odours in your home that no amount of air freshener will mask. Cooking smells can become trapped in the fabric of your chairs too, making the whole house smell stale.

When your upholstery is cleaned, harmful food residue will be removed and the smells will vanish too. You can also have your furniture treated with a special deodoriser if you wish.

5. Thorough Cleaning Can Protect Your Family from Allergens

Even though you may vacuum your carpets regularly, dust, pollen and pet dander can still become trapped in your upholstery. In addition, allergy-causing dust mites thrive on dead skin and pet dander, all of which will be present in abundance in your furniture’s fabric. Whenever someone sits down in a chair, a cloud of these allergens is pushed up into the atmosphere where it can be inhaled, triggering allergies and other respiratory conditions, such as asthma.

The most effective way of preventing allergens from hiding in your upholstery is to have your furniture cleaned regularly.

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