Tile & Grout Cleaning Care in the Bathroom

Tile and Grout Cleaning Care in the Bathroom

The grout is a problem if you love beautiful tiles for your bathroom. It holds the tiles together, which is a good thing! It keeps the tiles together, but it is porous and light-coloured, so it is susceptible to water damage and stains. You might wonder if there is any other material that is water-friendly?

Although fresh grout is beautiful, it can also be stained or mildewed. Water can seep behind walls and cause severe damage if grout cracks and falls.

Three Cleaning Products You Can Use

Here’s how you can care for grout, from daily maintenance to grout replacement. Keep your grout clean, extend its life, and avoid premature time-and-money-wasting grout replacement.

Daily Tile Cleaning Routine

To keep tiles clean and prevent damage and premature staining, it is essential to do a daily wipe-and-spray after your shower or bath. It might be a bit annoying, but it will save you tons of time in the end.

First, get a good squeegee. To remove any excess water from your tiles and glass walls, use the squeegee to clean them every time you take a shower or bath.

Mixing water and vinegar to make your own cleaner or buying a green cleaner. You can then lightly spray the tile and glass with mild, daily cleaner. Many brands offer everyday shower cleaners. You can try them all to find the one that suits you best.

You’ll be able to keep your bath or shower clean every day by following a daily routine. This will save you time and reduce the time it takes to scrub. However, this doesn’t mean that you can skip weekly maintenance.

Deep Grout Cleaning Every Week

Even though your walls and glass will be cleaner every day, it is still essential to clean your bath or shower at least once a week. Despite your efforts to keep them clean, soap scum and body oils will remain on the surfaces despite your best efforts.

Give your grout a good clean every week or biweekly with a water-and-baking soda paste. Use a toothbrush or a grout brush to apply the paste to the grout, and then rinse off with clean water. Hydrogen peroxide can be used to clean grout that is stained more than usual. You should rinse off vinegar that you used as a daily spray to clean the shower before adding hydrogen peroxide.

For seriously stained grout

Sometimes grout can become stained or grimy due to laziness, lack of attention or simply laziness. To get rid of the stain, you will need to remove the bleach.

A bleach pen is a great way to concentrate the power of bleach exactly where it’s needed. A bleach pen works well for small surfaces with minimal grout work and can clean grout. This pen is great for adding a little strength to your weekly or bi-weekly cleaning, but it doesn’t bleach your entire tile wall.

If you think your grout needs to be treated for stain or general disinfection, use oxygen-type powdered chlorine bleach. This bleach is gentler than the chloride-type liquid and can be used to remove stubborn stains. Use a brush to apply the bleach. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing with clean water.

You can also use a chlorine bleach spray if all else fails. However, it is more harsh and difficult to control. To ensure that the spray doesn’t cause damage to your tile, test it on a small area.

Grout Renewal for Permanent Stains

If the above fails to remove the stain, you have another option: grout renewal. You can add colour to your grout and protect it from future staining. These products will extend the life of your grout by a good deal.

What to do if your grout needs to be changed

Flaking, breaking, and tiles falling off are all signs that your grout requires replacement. You should act quickly if you notice any cracking in your grout. Water can seep into your walls and cause more damage.

You can change grout yourself if you are handy with DIY skills. You can also hire a professional to do your grout. If you have the funds and time, why not also change your tile? There are many tile options today that will suit every decor and budget. You might be inspired to try a new style or a colourful mosaic.

Professional tile and grout cleaning services in North Brisbane

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