Prepare Your Carpets for the Holiday Season
We are approaching the holiday season. As we all know, the holiday is a time for great laughter, delicious food and precious time with loved ones. However, Covid-19 will still place some restrictions and limitations. We all look forward to this time of year and celebrating the holidays together with our families and friends – at our homes.

Your home will likely have more visitors than usual. You might have your children visiting for the holidays, host a meal, or party or just want to welcome someone with holiday cheer.

No matter the reason, you want your home to feel comfortable for guests. One way to make your home more pleasant is to give your carpets some extra care before they arrive and to keep them clean during the holiday season. These are some tips to protect your carpets.

Keep doormats at your entrance(s)  Don’t underestimate the power of simple doormats. They are your first line defence against dirt, mud, and foot traffic getting into your carpets. Your carpet can be protected from unwanted stains and wear by using doormats.

Please take your shoes off at the front door  This may not be a good family rule. However, it will help to reduce the mess that holiday guests make by asking them to remove their shoes when they enter the house. A slipper party is another creative way to protect your carpets. Invite your family and friends to bring their favourite home slippers.

Regularly vacuum your carpets  This is a great way to keep everyday dirt and spillages from getting into your carpets.

Professional Deep Clean –  There will be some wear and tear because it’s the holiday season, no matter how hard you try to protect your carpet. It doesn’t matter what time it is, the important thing is to have fun with your friends and family, especially during the pandemic. A professional deep cleaner can clean your carpets before and after the party. This will ensure that your carpets look great throughout the holiday season.

Pro Clean can schedule a deep carpet cleaning service so that you are ready for the holiday party!

Protecting Your Home from COVID-19

COVID-19 is a serious matter that requires serious solutions. You need to be able to identify what you can do at home to protect yourself and your family. It is important to protect your home from all dangers, including viruses.

What Can You Do?

If you were working during the peak of the pandemic, you’ve learned how to protect yourself at work and in public by using masks and social distance. You don’t have to wear a mask at home. However, there are steps you can still take such as:

Do Not Touch Your Face

As much as possible, avoid touching your face. This applies to your cheeks, lips, nose, eyes and forehead. If you feel your hair touching your face, it is best to comb it or pull it back.

Purification and Ventilation

To increase ventilation, open your windows and adjust the settings of your air conditioner. Open your windows to replace any air that has been contaminated by a virus. A HEPA filter, an air purifier that filters out pollen, mould and other pollutants, will clean your air.

Don’t Take Your Shoes to the Door

It’s not surprising that our shoes are in direct contact with many contaminants, including lead. It is recommended that we leave our shoes at the front door when we enter our homes. Your shoes can be left at the front door to reduce the risk of the virus spreading inside.


Make sure you clean all electronic devices, such as phones, railings and knobs. This includes handles on the oven, refrigerator, sinks, as well as windows.

Clean and Disinfect the Items in

You are supposed to rinse both non-packaged produce and packaged produce. You should also disinfect canned foods. Get rid of any extra packaging. Take out food and place it on a plate.

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