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Leather Cleaning & Restoration


There are specific procedures for cleaning and taking care of leather, and hence you need the services of professional leather cleaners for the best outcome. Leather can get dried and hardened revealing cracks if proper maintenance is not done or suitable cleaning products are not used. We at Pro Clean apply a combination of treatments to make your leather look and feel fresh. As a dependable provider of leather cleaning, we not only offer cleaning services but also take care to maintain and protect your prized possession.


Dirty leather does not last long so the dirt must be removed, because otherwise, it would degrade the leather. Dirt can also seep into cracks and creases to make the leather look all the more worn out. Our professionals can make your leather completely dirt-free through proper techniques. The type and condition of the leather are two important factors taken into consideration while providing cleaning services.


Like our skin, leather also dries out if there is a lack of adequate moisture. Dried leather makes room for stiffness and cracking. With our quality leather conditioners, we can bring back life into your leathers and make your upholstery look aesthetically pleasing.


We have quality protection to seal the conditioning into the hide.

Why we are one of the best leather cleaners in Brisbane Northside?

  • We give you a free, no-obligation estimation
  • We use modern, well-maintained equipment including portable machines
  • All cleaning products are environment-friendly and safe for humans and pets
  • Our prices are extremely reasonable and you won’t find any hidden costs
  • If required, we can assist in moving light furniture during cleaning.
  • Call Now to discuss your cleaning needs with our team and request a free quote.

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