Bond & End Of Lease Cleaning Costs & Services

What Tenants Should Know About End of Lease Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning In North Brisbane

You may have heard of a mandatory bond cleaning before you move out of your rental property in North Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia. You may be able to clean the place yourself, but it is not common for you to receive your deposit back.

It is important to remember that landlords and those interested in selling their homes on the market often order an end-of-lease cleaning service.

This article will explain what a bond clean entails, the average cost, and whether professional cleaning is necessary.

What is an end-of-lease cleaning?

Bond cleaning typically includes mopping all floors, vacuuming carpets and cleaning out any hard furniture. It also includes cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, oven, windows and cleaning out the kitchen. The cleaning crew uses professional equipment and detergents and follows a thorough end-of-lease cleaning checklist.

These tasks can be divided into three groups. Take a look at the following examples:

Cleaning includes standard tasks.

  • Vacuum all carpets and upholstered furnishings;
  • Take care of the floors
  • Clean the windows from the inside.
  • Clean the kitchen cabinets from the inside and outside.
  • Clean the windows from the inside.
  • Deep cleaning of your oven
  • Cleaning all skirting boards, window sills and light fittings, as well as door handles.

Additional tasks you can book in addition

You can also book required tasks separately.

  • If you have pets, professional carpet cleaning and upholstery steam-cleaning is recommended.
  • If you have pets that lived in the rental property, flea treatment is recommended.

What is the cost of lease termination or bond cleaning?

Many factors could influence the end-of-lease cleaning price. However, the average cost for Australia is $400 for a basic bond cleaning service without the additional costs of pest control or carpet cleaning, for example.

It all depends on the size and type of property. This could be a studio flat or an apartment with 1 bedroom, or a house with 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms. The property will cost more to clean if it is more extensive.

The number of people who clean your rental house is another crucial factor that could impact the cost. It depends on the size and complexity of the job. One cleaner, or two or three, could be sent to clean the place.

Next is how many and what type of tasks. The price for carpet steam cleaning will increase since this is not included in the standard lease end service. The cost of an external window cleaning and fridge/freezer cleaning can be negotiated, increasing the price. After you have specified all areas that need cleaning, the price for those extra tasks will also be calculated.

It is also essential to check the condition of the property. A well-maintained home or apartment will take less time to clean than one that hasn’t been used in a while.

Examples for price differences

Prices for bond cleaning vary by location and are subject to change. A studio apartment with a balcony located in central Brisbane costs around $450. Cleaning a studio apartment with one balcony situated in a more expensive area of North Brisbane will cost about $500. If you live in a more affordable location, your house can be cleaned for $250.

In summary, the property’s condition, location, and size are all critical factors when quoting for an end-of-lease cleaning.

What is the average time it takes to perform a bond clean?

The time required to clean out a property after a lease ends can vary depending on its size and how many cleaners are present. The property must be clean and free of personal items.

Although they can move light furniture around to clean your rooms thoroughly, they will not attempt to move larger furniture. It is a good idea to let the cleaning company know in advance if you require heavy furniture to be moved. This will allow the cleaners time and cost.

You can expect the job to take longer if there are additional tasks such as professional carpet and upholstery cleaning, spot cleaning on walls, or exterior window cleaning.

Standard cleaning jobs require a minimum of two or three professionals. The time it takes to complete a project can vary based on how many people are involved. However, you can customize the service to send more cleaners if necessary.

A team of two professionals can clean a studio apartment with a balcony in North Brisbane in about 2-3 hours if the condition isn’t very poor. A team of 2 or more cleaning professionals can clean a 2-bedroom house in 4 hours.

Professional cleaning is required at the termination of your tenancy.

Each landlord or agency has its own cleaning requirements at the end of your lease. There are some obligations that tenants must consider in certain situations. These are the most important tenant cleaning responsibilities.

  • Steam cleaning your carpets, rugs, and upholstery. Your landlord will expect you to hire a professional carpet cleaner if you have pets. It is essential to plan ahead as the carpets will take some time to dry after cleaning.
  • Flea treatment. Flea treatment. You might consider hiring a professional pest controller to avoid any issues with your landlord or agency.
  • Follow the checklist to clean the property. It is usually provided at the start of your lease. Professional cleaning crews work on industry-approved checklists. However, if your landlords have different requirements, it is essential to let the cleaners know to make arrangements.
  • You can find all your rights under The Residential Tenancies Act. The Residential Tenancies Act is the law that your landlord or agency must follow. This Act contains all tenants’ rights and responsibilities.

Proclean Offers the Best Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning & Pest Control Services in North Brisbane

North Brisbane is a large residential and commercial area and so, therefore, requires a fast and efficient service. We offer professional carpet cleaning services and pest control such as flea and cockroach treatments and other bond cleaning and end of lease services. We provide high-quality services with high-quality equipment with environmentally friendly products to give you the best chance of getting your money back.


  • You should review your contract to determine your obligations for moving out of a rented home.
  • Booking a professional carpet cleaning service in North Brisbane as an additional service will increase your chances of getting your bond back.
  • If you have pets, it is a good idea to have your carpets and upholstery cleaned professionally and hire us for pest control.

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