Pest Management Service

ProClean offer a Biodegradable, Environmentally Friendly and Complete Pest Management Service. We have a service that meets all you needs from a basic flea treatment to a Complete Internal / External Pest Management service.

Service Type 1.

Basic Flea Treatment – This service is generally carried out for tenants vacating a property or a client that may have indoor pets. This is internal treatment only.

Service Type 2

Internal & External Pest Management Service – This management plan covers the irradiation of spiders, cockroaches and silverfish in and around the perimeter of the home.

Service Type 3

External Ant Infestation – To treat an ant infestation a granulated chemical and wet spray chemical treatment is applied to the affected area. This treatment will irradicate the ants and the nesting source.

Service type 4

Rodent Treatment – Boxed rodent baits are placed in the affected areas where your resident rodent will find our baits irresistible. Ridding your home of your unwanted guests!