Reasons to get your Carpet Cleaned during the Winter.

The Summer months are actually dirtier than the winter months due to airborne pollutants and debris. Pet hair, pollen, dust and other debris can cause extremely unhealthy indoor air quality, so when you shut the house up for the cold weather months, all that gets trapped in your carpet. Having a deep clean can boost indoor air quality and help ward off respiratory illnesses such as asthma that are caused by irritants in the indoor air.
The dry, winter air means your carpets will dry much quicker than in the summer or spring, meaning you can get back to using your rooms and enjoying your super clean carpet in no time!
Let’s face it: you’ll be spending more time indoors during the cold weather than you would during the outdoor months. Do yourself and your family a favour and enjoy your carpet to its fullest extent! Warm, clean, and comfortable.

Contact Pro Clean today to schedule an appointment and get a thorough deep cleaning for that carpet before the weather takes a turn for the worse!

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